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Richard cleaned the vent and it was loaded with lint!  He showed us and said there was a small fire recently!  Overall, highly, highly recommend this company.  Very reasonable and fair.  Won't charge you for with that's not needed.

Frankie Bolder

Daniel with Ventilation Defense Force showed up and did a great job! I'll admit it was a bit embarrassing to find out how much caked lint we had accumulated...

Sandy Williams

Major thanks to the great guys over at Ventilation Defense Force!! There was plenty of dirt and other materials which they vacuumed out and now the AC works efficiently and the customers say it smells better!

Quinn Davis

Tyson and Richard are very thorough and I especially appreciated that they pointed out things that may be wrong with HVAC Ductwork, and other things outside of their realm.  They notice it because they are in spaces the homeowner never gets to!

Chad Cristol

5 stars is not enough. Daniel is very knowledgeable.. and I mean more knowledgeable than other people in the Ventilation business (competitors). His expertise saved me time and $$. He is professional and courteous. Thanks Daniel!!

Deshaun White

We thought we needed to replace our dryer, Richard let us know that the dryer was fine and it was the hose causing the problem.

Betty Paulson

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